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Browse through the projects… you can choose by category or topic. Some projects will have match donors or sponsors that have made a commitment to fund a portion of the amount.


Create an account and give to a project of your choice.


Choose to make a recurring donation to SandDollar and create an account. We will make sure it reaches the most urgent projects every month.

You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation


Share your support with friends, via email or social media. Inspire them to join you in the effort to reach a goal.


Track the progress. We will let you know when the goal has been reached.


  • Non-profits and advocates can get support for their efforts and reach a broader community

  • Businesses and partner organizations can sponsor projects and create match offers, giving them an easy way to participate in conservation programs

  • Participants can share their activities on social media, inspire their friends and spread the message

  • Funders know exactly where their money is going

Together we can build a groundswell of support for our oceans.

Join Us...
in supporting these and future groundswell campaigns, each contributing to the healing of our oceans.
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