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SandDollar is a platform that enables individuals to learn about ocean conservation projects around the world and to take direct action through financial support and volunteer participation. We are a community of individuals of different backgrounds united by our desire to make a positive impact on the world. In the face of a daily dose of negative news, it is important to focus on solutions, both locally and globally.

Featured campaigns on SandDollar cover a wide range of funding goals, project focus, scope, and locations. They are submitted by project leaders, non-profit groups, and visionary individuals that have been actively working in the field of conservation. Category tags make it easy for participants to focus on campaigns that reflect their interest, spanning across the areas of research, education, advocacy, enforcement, innovation, job training, and mentorship, as well as acute missions for disaster relief, cleanups and restoration projects.

For businesses, SandDollar represents an opportunity to align their brand with a movement that resonates with their customers and the public at large. For foundations and NGOs SandDollar can be an additional avenue to raise funds and reach a broader community of people.

SandDollar is an ecosystem that will grow through collaboration on all levels.

Together we can build a groundswell of support for our oceans.




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