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Alternative products may not always be the most convenient or cheapest option, but it is up to each and every one to decide whether you want to be part of the problem or the solution. Most of the time, doing the right thing, and spending a little bit more, doesn’t just make you feel good, it also helps move the market. Once the majority of the people show an interest in a sustainable product, it can be mass produced. Sellers will take notice and make it readily available. The prices will go down.

I just recently noticed when I noticed the appearance of pole-caught tuna on the market. I was excited to see that Costco offered this along with their standard cheap canned tuna. In the beginning it was substantially more expensive. But over the months, the price dropped and the sustainable options were given more shelf space. This must be because there was an increased interest.

Pole caught tuna is the only commercial method of catching tuna that avoids killing tons of Bycatch. It should be supported. If more people opt to buy the slightly more expensive tuna, instead of saving a buck or two on a stack of cans, this fishery will be encouraged, hopefully replacing more and more long-line and purse seine operations. This proves that the consumer really does have power.

The same is true for plastic items. Yes, plastic plates are cheap and uncomplicated. Just throw them out after a party. But think about it! Can you really justify it, knowing what you know now? Surely, there are few people that could escape the multiple posts, every day, about ocean plastic pollution. So do your conscience a favor and go for alternatives such as bamboo, recycled paper or real silverware and regular plates. It’s clean, classy and the way to go to stop the problem at its source.

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